Bars On A Mission

Organic Nutrition BarsI lost my mom to stage IV ovarian cancer – the silent killer. She was only 43 years old. I was devastated…..still am. After going through this loss, I wanted to help others who are going through this. I founded a nonprofit, Patty’s House – for women who are dying or fighting a gynecologic cancer.

I created this food bar for cancer patients, the medical and holistic community. It’s raw, plant base, non-gmo and nutrient dense. Part of the success will go back to our local women who are fighting this deadly disease. Even with insurance, a cancer diagnosis can deplete one’s savings/income. We lost everything, including our home.

These food bars will not be mass produced or be sold in the large retail outlets. I don’t believe that real food should last months in the food aisle. We make the bars fresh to order providing you the freshest bar! And an extra bonus, giving back to our women…A Bar On A Mission!