Vegan Nutrition Bars with Paleo Friendly Options

Picture this: a completely organic, non-GMO nutrition bar made using only the ingredients the earth has provided to sustain us. This bar is vegan, filled with healthy fats, and handcrafted-to-order. Oh yeah—and it’s delicious. A bar that incredible must be too good to be true, right?


At EatToHeal, we’ve dedicated our life to making those nutritious, flavorful food bars a reality.

All-Natural Nutrition Bars Available in Flavors You’ll Love

Our goal is to make real food bars that embody our holistic approach to nutrition and make your mouth water at the same time. The ingredients we use are gathered from the earth and transformed into our nutrition bars using no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or heat treatments that compromise the holistic integrity of the final product.

EatToHeal bars are certified organic, raw, plant based, gluten-free, vegan, and available in Paleo-friendly flavors. They’re deliciously dense with nutrients (like our sprouted organic brown rice protein!) that keep you full and help your mind and body thrive. They’re also available in a wide range of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. For those who can’t choose just one, we offer a variety pack filled with nine bars of the flavors of your choosing!

Vegan Nutrition Bars Made Fresh Upon Order

When you order a box of real food bars from EatToHeal, we don’t just grab a prepackaged bundle off the shelf and ship it to your doorstep. Your order is handcrafted by our natural food experts for optimum flavor and nutrition. Why do we make our bars this way? The answer is simple. We believe that, when made the right way, foods have the power to heal.

In fact, our organic nutrition bars were created with the most vulnerable medical communities in mind. That’s why we handmake orders fresh and in small batches, using only the raw ingredients your body was meant to absorb and use to regain and maintain its health. We’ve even taken our commitment to holistic healing a step further by ensuring every purchase you make with us helps women warriors who are fighting gynecological cancer.

Order a box of EatToHeal RAW vegan nutrition bars below and feel for yourself the difference between our all-natural creation and the processed alternatives in the grocery store aisle. Every delicious and nutritious bite will have you more and more convinced of the power of raw foods crafted to heal!

Bars will be back in stock soon! We anticipate shipments to resume in late September – thank you for your patience!

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